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Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning Services

With proper structural pruning to create good branch architecture, you will be reducing the risk to your home while increasing the beauty of the property. Clearance pruning and proper tree cutting is also crucial for a safe area around your trees. Crown pruning in older trees involves the removal of dead and decaying branches, in addition to a light crown thinning that will greatly improve the overall health and aesthetics of mature trees.
Crown reduction can be used in certain situations to improve the view and to reduce the overall size of a tree. This should not be confused with topping – which is a technique not practiced by a certified arborist!


In older trees the removal of dead, diseased, and broken branches helps minimize risk and decay. Our certified arborists will work with you to determine the type of pruning needs your trees require. Young trees require good, structural tree pruning services to ensure their shape and health for the future. Having a trained professional determine the proper pruning method for your particular tree is very important. Pruning of fruit trees should be minimized in the summer months due to the prevalance of fire blight in our area.


Shrub trimming is a large part of your landscape’s overall appearance. Whether you like things pruned tight and formal or more naturally trimmed. We will work with you to achieve the look you want. Call us today for shrub trimming services in the Houston area


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